Pancake & Muffin Mix Launch!

Pancake & Muffin Mix

We have a new and improved formula!

The first, and (last time we checked) only, walnut-based, Keto-friendly baking mix on the market just got better than ever!

As a special tribute to the 1-year anniversary of Fearless Keto, we are very excited to announce the launch of our re-formulated and improved Fearless Pancake & Muffin Mix!Ā  Itā€™s been close to three months since the initial launch of our Fearless Keto Pancake & Waffle mix, and, based on your feedback, we have wasted no time re-formulating our mixes from both a taste and functionality perspective.Ā 

Increased Versatility & Improved Formula

As you might have noticed, weā€™ve renamed our mix to reflect and highlight its form-factor versatility. The key ingredient change from our original mix was that of switching from bovine collagen to a 90% whey protein isolate for three of our four mixes to enhance their unique health qualities and optimize them for baking/cooking applications.

Not only is whey protein isolate in itself a multi-faceted “functional’ food” in the health arena, but its clean, neutral taste and moisture-binding properties boost its versatility in a variety of baking applications, ranging from pancakes to bundt cakes and muffins to brownies. We found whey protein isolate to be the ideal, better-for-you, ingredient that actually enhances the quality, taste, and texture of baked goods prepared with our mix (including more “flippable” pancakes!).

Weā€™ve also listened to your suggestions and added two new flavors – vanilla and chocolate. Our chocolate mix contains a higher-fat version of natural cacao powder, a well-known super food, with a rich and deep chocolatey flavor. It is the only one of our mixes that does not contain whey protein isolate, as the cacao powder provides its own texture and moisture-binding properties, and is actually a source of protein.Ā Ā 

So what hasn’t changed about our new mix?

  • Our mix continues to offer a unique and winning combination of functionality, “fullness” factor, and flavor. This starts with the walnuts, a natural superfood, and continues with the gluten-free oat fiber, a prebiotic, and natural flavors to enhance and complement the naturally rich flavor of walnuts.Ā 
  • Most of the calories in our mixes continue to come from a delicious duo of nutrient-dense (& omega-3 rich), non-GMO California walnuts and butter powder, both of which are highly satiating, so you will tend to eat less naturally without having to think about it. Best of all, we (and our taste buds) know that fat delivers flavor!
  • The net carb content of our mixes remains unchanged, at 3g per serving. We continue to strive for a low carb content while preserving a pleasant sweetness by using natural sugar-free sweeteners with no discernible aftertaste. We use a mixture of monk fruit extract, premium stevia extract, and erythritol.
  • Our mix still aims to showcase and preserve, not conceal, the distinctive and superior taste and texture of California English walnuts.

In the next few weeks we will be posting additional “off label” recipes that can be made with our mixes so that you can appreciate and enjoy the wide variety of baked treats that can be made with the four mixes as much as we do!


Mary & Lauren, Co-Founders of Fearless Keto

Lauren Paley

Creator of Fearless Keto. Model + health & wellness enthusiast. After losing 45 pounds on Keto, I want to give back to the community that gave me so much šŸ‘‘

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