Keto on the Go: 5 Snack Ideas for the Road

Pork Rinds
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Starting off the Keto Diet isnā€™t easy, especially if youā€™re constantly traveling for work or planning a cross-country road trip. Many people starting this diet think itā€™s required to cook elaborate and complicated low-carb recipes to get their bodies into ketosis. First of all, that is not true, and secondly, putting that much pressure on yourself will make this diet much less sustainable. Keeping it simple is KEY, especially when youā€™re on the road with minimal options and time. Here are 5 quick and easy snack ideas for our Keto Travelers!

Low-Carb Nuts:Ā Nuts are the perfect road-trip snack! Easy to pack, or easy to grab at any convenience store / gas station. Skip the ā€œtrail mixā€ and head straight for the Almonds, Macadamias, Sunflower Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds (if available). It can be easy to eat the whole bag at once, so remember to keep the serving size in mind! Nuts are high fat and nutritious, but boast a lot of calories that can add up quickly. Set out a portion size for yourself (usually a small handful) and youā€™ll be surprised at how quickly youā€™ll fill-up!

While nuts can be high-calorie, when you are starting out on Keto, you may actually not be consuming enough calories due to the filling nature of fat – this can lead to both Fatigue and Hair Loss. So as long as you eat them in moderation, nuts can be a great way to prevent these problems.

Jerky:Ā Meat Jerky is the perfect way to get in your protein on-the-go! Itā€™s filling, flavorful, and a perfect meal substitute. Most Gas stations carry Jerky in one form or another (i.e beef sticks or traditional packaged jerky). Unfortunately, many brands have flavors with a lot of added sugar. Make sure to check the nutritional label before you buy! Weā€™d recommend sticking with ā€œoriginalā€ or ā€œsmokeyā€ flavor.

String Cheese:Ā One huge draw to starting The Keto Diet is the fact that you can totally eat cheese! Some cheeses are lower in carbs than others, like mozzarella. Mozzarella String Cheese is the perfect high fat, high protein, and low carb snack for travelers. Not to mention, cheese slices and cheese cubes are also a great snack! Try wrapping your favorite cold cuts or pepperoni slices around the cheese for a makeshift mini sandwich! Beware of additives in your string cheese, so be sure to check the nutritional labels for the brand with the lowest carbs.

Pork Rinds:Ā For all the chip lovers who crave the crunch, Pork Rinds are your new Keto BFF. This delicious snack is easy to find at any store along the highway, and contains ZERO carbs. If your fat and protein intake is low for the day, these will be sure to get you closer to your goal. Try dipping in packaged guacamole for a full on flavor fiesta in your mouth!Ā šŸ‘‘Ā 

Veggies and Cream Cheese:Ā Although it may be difficult to find fresh vegetables on your journey, many convenience stores carry small packages of carrots and celery (some even with a side of ranch). If not, we recommend running to the grocery store before you hit the road. Veggies are important to always have on hand for their amazing health benefits that will keep your body and mind in tip top shape on your adventures. Try dipping your veggies in cream cheese for a savory and satisfying treat that will surely help you reach your daily fat intake goal!

Getting an adequate supply of veggies is also a great way to prevent and treat any Keto Diet-related constipation.

Preparation always makes traveling on The Keto Diet much easier and healthier, but thankfully most gas stations carry many Keto snack staples that we can snag when food options are limited. Keep on reading your nutritional labels and snacking mindfully and youā€™ll be good to go. Stay #fearless on the road, Keto Fam!

Lauren Paley

Creator of Fearless Keto. Model + health & wellness enthusiast. After losing 45 pounds on Keto, I want to give back to the community that gave me so much šŸ‘‘

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